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Moving audiences with a disarming conversational style and a lot of talking with his hands.


Garrett is a keynote speaker who helps companies cultivate more meaningful exchanges between their brands and people. With a background in fine arts, a 20-year career in non-profit and running his own branding studio, Garrett comes with a unique blend of experience and insight that is a welcomed contrast to much of the industry.

Available as a Keynote Speaker + Workshop Host + Emcee + Panelist + Spokesperson

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“I have personally witnessed individuals who not only went away from their experience with Garrett in deep reflection but they were also moved to do something different. They were inspired to action, movement, and rhythm. They began to take chances and discover possibility. I believe in Garrett’s impact enough to invest in it.”


Professor & Director of Masters of Science in ELOC, Northern Kentucky University

“Garrett has a rare and powerful ability to connect with large and small groups in an intimate and personal way.  This connection, along with his proven business acumen and success record, allow him to do more than lecture a crowd.  He is able to truly build excitement, motivation, passion, and change in his audience.”


Senior Manager of Customer Marketing and Experience, Dish Network

“I usually have 6-7 speakers per semester and Garrett was certainly one of the most highly rated, receiving rave reviews from my students. He was very motivating, with a balanced combination of emotional thought and professional knowledge. I thoroughly endorse Garrett Curry for any event or lecture series.  Your planning team and the eventual audience will be engaged, entertained and will leave with a feeling of satisfaction.”


Lecturer, Purdue University